Allergy Awareness

At UFNS, we take our student’s safety and health very seriously. All of our staff are trained about food allergies and anaphylaxis. The school practices techniques to successfully manage allergies, specifically food, in our classrooms. Prior to a child starting school, UFNS requires a meeting with parents of children who have allergies. This gives parents and teachers an opportunity to discuss what UFNS needs to do to keep their child safe. UFNS then requires that an IHP (Individual Health Care Plan) be filled out and signed by the allergist or pediatrician. This states what allergies the child has and what measures need to be taken should there be an allergic reaction. Before school starts, UFNS sends a letter to the entire class letting parents know of the classroom allergies. Any epi-pens are kept in a backpack labeled with the child’s name & are attached to each individual child’s IHP. This backpack goes with a teacher(s) wherever the children go. All teachers are trained in the proper use of EPI-PENS.

Once the school year begins, upon arrival each day, all children and teachers clean their hands before going up to the classroom. Because children’s lockers are shared, UFNS provides a separate “locker” place for children with allergies. All snacks are provided by UFNS. They first are labeled with a sticker that lists the children with allergies. Parents of these children review the ingredients to be sure there are no allergens before they are brought to the classroom.

Prior to a child first attending Lunch Bunch, UFNS has forms to be filled out and signed by parents which state any Lunch Bunch food restrictions. Any children staying for lunch attach with their lunch box a copy of an allergen checklist (provided by the school based on any current allergies in the classroom). This is filled out by parents to let the teachers know that they have not packed any foods that could be harmful. Teachers double check each lunch for allergens, reading ingredient labels when necessary. Teachers and children wash their hands before AND after eating lunch. Placemats are provided for each child and teacher so lunch foods are contained. Tables are washed with soap and water.

UFNS is a NUT FREE school.

I was particularly impressed with the UFNS Allergy program. When we called the Department of Education, they stated that it was one of the best they had ever seen. As a parent of a child with allergies, this issue means a whole lot to my family. The UFNS teachers are extremely diligent in regards to safety and allergies. At our previous pre-school, I had to ask for a meeting with the teacher to ensure they were aware of Jackson’s allergies and understood his allergy action plan. UFNS plans specific meetings with parents of children with allergies and reaches out quite early to ensure they are well informed. They had many thoughtful questions and took the issue quite seriously. The teachers followed up with me several times to ensure they were 100% when it came to my child’s allergies.

– Adrienne H.

I looked at many schools when looking for a preschool for my son who has multiple life threatening allergies. The compassion we were shown at Upper Falls Nursery School made my decision to enroll my son an easy decision. The willingness to adapt and do everything possible to keep him safe was incredible. It was of the utmost importance to the director and teachers that I was comfortable leaving my son in their care. I took him to school each day knowing he was safe and should there be an issue, every single person at Upper Falls Nursery School knew exactly what needed to be done.

– Paul A.