Over the past 25+ years, I have visited countless early childhood programs as a staff trainer and consultant ~ and the Upper Falls Nursery Program stands out as absolutely top-notch. The sunny classroom—full of busy children, engaged with challenging, developmentally-appropriate activities and materials—was a delight. From the children’s point of view, they were simply having enormous fun. Meanwhile I could see that the curriculum had been thoughtfully designed to nurture creativity, as well as encourage crucial “executive function” skills such as sustaining attention, complex planning, and making independent choices. I was equally impressed with the warm, caring quality of teacher-student relationships. In every interaction, teachers communicated clear expectations in a sensitive manner that maintained a safe classroom while respecting each child’s individuality. Throughout the day, teachers provided the gentle guidance that helps children negotiate everyday social conflicts, and learn positive skills for managing their own feelings and making friends. I wish every child could have access to an early learning environment of this high quality!

-Deborah Weinstock-Savoy
For over 25 years, Deborah Weinstock-Savoy has specialized in leading informational workshops and support groups for parents, as well as workshops for early childhood educators, in a variety of community and corporate settings. Topics of special interest include: understanding and working with temperamental differences, nurturing children’s social and emotional development, and strategies for positive behavior management. A licensed psychologist, she also provides private consultation services to day care centers and parents. Dr. Weinstock-Savoy holds a Ph.D. in Clinical and Community Psychology from Boston University (1986), and a B.A. from Harvard College in Psychology and Social Relations (1977). She is the mother of three grown children.

My two daughters and son attended Upper Falls Nursery School. I could not have asked for a better preschool for each of my three very different children. The teachers are incredible. They are kind, caring and consistently do what is best for each child. The physical spaces available for the children are very different from many other schools. The classroom has lots of windows which allow everyone to enjoy the seasons and great spaces for lots of different kinds of play. The playground and field are perfect for outside play and the large inside gym is perfect for those days the weather prevents the children from being outside. My children learned so many great things at Upper Falls Nursery School. Most importantly, they learned to be good learners and kind friends. Much of the learning is done through discovery … some of my favorites are science experiments, dramatic play, water and sand tables and art shows. Upper Falls Nursery School is without a doubt a great preschool experience in every way possible.

-Cindy A.

I looked at many schools when looking for a preschool for my son who has multiple life threatening allergies. The compassion we were shown at Upper Falls Nursery School made my decision to enroll my son an easy decision. The willingness to adapt and do everything possible to keep him safe was incredible. It was of the utmost importance to the director and teachers that I was comfortable leaving my son in their care. I took him to school each day knowing he was safe and should there be an issue, every single person at Upper Falls Nursery School knew exactly what needed to be done.

-Paul A.

I was particularly impressed with the UFNS Allergy program. When we called the Department of Education, they stated that it was one of the best they had ever seen. As a parent of a child with allergies, this issue means a whole lot to my family. The UFNS teachers are extremely diligent in regards to safety and allergies. At our previous pre-school, I had to ask for a meeting with the teacher to ensure they were aware of Jackson’s allergies and understood his allergy action plan. UFNS plans specific meetings with parents of children with allergies and reaches out quite early to ensure they are well informed. They had many thoughtful questions and took the issue quite seriously. The teachers followed up with me several times to ensure they were 100% when it came to my child’s allergies.

-Adrienne H.

When my oldest was ready for nursery school, my husband and I searched for a school which would provide nurturing support while teaching the social and developmental skills needed to succeed in elementary school. We knew that UFNS was right in our neighborhood and liked what we saw, but didn’t want to simply go there because of convenience. After our extensive search, we ended up right where we began – at UFNS. We never regretted our decision and have since then sent many other families to UFNS. The warmth and skill of the teachers is unsurpassed and their knowledge and intuition is incredible. Once your child is a student at UFNS, you become a member of a family and community of wonderful support. We loved our time there!

-Geralyn C.

Our Daughter Stephanie (now 14) and Son Mitchell (now 10) both attended Upper Falls Nursery School. It was the single best thing we did as parents to prepare them for Public School. They started their development of great learning skills, social skills and had boat loads of fun!!! The staff was not only above and beyond capable, they were very caring and loving to both our children (as well as all of the children in their classes). Both Stephanie & Mitchell still have the fondest of memories of their days at UFNS (as do we their parents). Some of the lessons learned there they still remember & use today.

-Keith and Heidi W.

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