Frequently Asked Questions

How old does a child have to be to enroll?

Children must be 2 years 9 months in September to enroll.

How much is tuition?

For the school year 2018-2019, tuition is $4,375 for 3 days per week, $5,750 for 4 days, and $6,990 for 5 days.

We also offer financial aid. Click here for an application.

Does the school have any field trips?

The school usually has two walking field trips each year in the spring. One is to the local fire station to learn about fire safety from the fire fighters and see their equipment up close. The other is to nearby Hemlock Gorge, a DCR park along the Charles River to learn about our natural environment.

How does the school handle children’s food allergies?

UFNS is a NUT FREE school.  Prior to a child starting school, UFNS requires a meeting with parents of children who have allergies. This gives parent and teachers an opportunity to discuss what UFNS needs to do to keep their child safe. UFNS then requires that an IHP (Individual Health Care Plan) be filled out and signed by the allergist or pediatrician. This states what allergies the child has and what measures need to be taken should there be an allergic reaction. Before school starts, UFNS sends a letter to the entire class letting parents know of the classroom allergies. Any epi-pens are kept in a backpack labeled with the child’s name & are attached to each individual child’s IHP. This backpack goes with a teacher(s) wherever the children go. All teachers are trained in the proper use of EPI-PENS.

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How does the school handle children who do not speak English.

UFNS has a lot of experience and success working with children who have not spoken English at the start of the school year. Before the child begins school, the teachers meet with the family to learn about the child and ways to communicate. The teachers work with the parents to be sure that the child’s needs are able to be met. UFNS communicates with the parents in person, by email or by phone. Teachers use sign language, photographs and pictures (Boardmaker software) so the child can begin to communicate

We have sent two of our children to Upper Falls Nursery School. Both of our children began with NO ENGLISH at all. Our daughter, a graduate of UFNS, was in the school for just 1 year. Her English was proficient after 1 year and she was doing great in Kindergarten. We are sure that the education in UFNS was a great foundation. Now our little son is going to UFNS. Each day, we are amazed to see that English is coming out of his mouth! He is learning good behaviors and loves reading books. The teachers lead children to love reading books rather than simply teaching the kids to memorize alphabets. The teachers in UFNS are always smiling. They are wonderful and devoted teachers. We can feel their abundant love towards the children. Our family had a wonderful time in UFNS and we strongly recommend our friends to send their children to UFNS

— Grace and Samuel L.